Technology and Equipment

Technology and Equipment

Plant Facilities

VIM (Vacuum Induction Melting)
Vacuum induction melting facility creates products with extremely low impurities, trace elements, nitrogen, helium, oxygen, and free from oxides and inclusions.
Magnetic induction generates eddy currents, and the material's internal resistance creates the heat for melting.

Forging Line
S-Tech has mature convert and forming technology. Full-scale production capabilities process materials from heating, forming, and heat treatment to refining.
Main Facilities: batch heating furnace, annular furnace, forging machine, heat cutting machine, heat treatment furnace.
Integrated production process achieves 'one piece flow' production.

SMX350 Forging Machine
SMX350 Forging Machine has the advantage of near-constant temperature forging through its high-penetration and low strain rate forming features.
Every step is controlled by carefully calculated and simulated programs to ensure that every forging parameter can precisely control the organization of the internal micro structure.

Straightening Machine
Three-Point Straightening: Single-point force exertion precisely corrects the straightness at bent areas.

Peeling Machine
Special blades and proprietary blade holders achieve high-precision peeling with ease.